35+ Best Viral YouTube Shorts Hashtags (2023)

Nest YouTube Shorts Hashtags

If you want to get better performance out of your YouTube Shorts, then hashtags could be your solution. 

Hashtags play a large role in the performance of your YouTube shorts and how those videos get distributed.

There is a lot of misinformation being spread about hashtags and the best strategies for using them which could be why you are seeing less than desirable results.

I’ve compiled this list of the best trending YouTube Shorts hashtags for the most popular niches as well as the information that you need to know to find your own hashtags by using competitor analysis tools.

Key Takeaways

  • Hashtags are essential for improving visibility and discoverability of YouTube Shorts, helping them reach the right audience.

  • Using relevant and popular hashtags can increase your views, engagement & overall channel growth by targeting specific audiences.

  • Research techniques such as analyzing competitor channels & keyword research tools help you find the best hashtags to boost visibility!

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What Are YouTube Shorts Hashtags

A hashtag is a word or phrase containing no spaces preceded by the hash symbol (#), used on social media platforms and websites to identify and categorize messages or posts on a specific topic.

What a hashtag is infographic

Hashtags play a vital role in organizing content, enhancing visibility, and attracting more viewers to your YouTube videos. They act as labels and tags that help YouTube understand and share your videos with the right audience.

Utilizing relevant and popular hashtags increases the likelihood of attracting new viewers to your videos and improves the discoverability of your content in search results.

Plus, hashtags serve as clickable links that help users explore other videos with the same hashtags.

Many YouTubers have experienced a significant difference in visibility and reach by using hashtags in their YouTube Shorts.

To add hashtags to your Shorts, simply include them in the title or description of your video. However, avoid overdoing it, as finding the right balance between using trending hashtags and avoiding keyword stuffing is important so you don’t get flagged as spam.

Importance of YouTube Shorts Hashtags

Using relevant and trending hashtags in your YouTube Shorts can increase your views and engagement.

Entertainment channels and gaming channels, for example, can benefit from using hashtags to reach a wider audience and attract more viewers to their content.

When you use the right hashtags, your Shorts become more discoverable and allow you to join broader conversations and trends, ultimately giving you more exposure.

Using appropriate hashtags for your specific niche, be it food, travel, finance, tech channels or any other topic, is of utmost importance.

By targeting specific audiences and becoming part of ongoing trends, your content becomes more appealing and more likely to be shared, which will help your channel grow.

How YouTube Shorts Hashtags Work

YouTube Shorts Hashtags significantly influence the YouTube algorithm, making your content easily discoverable and directing it to the appropriate audience.

As YouTube Shorts creators, using the right hashtags will help the algorithm index your videos and target the right audience.

For example, if you are creating recipe videos, using hashtags like #food, #quickmeals, or #secretrecipe can help the algorithm figure out exactly what your video is and who it’s for.

When a content consumer shows a pattern of interacting with and enjoying content that contains a common hashtag, the algorithm will deliver more of that content to that user.

This means you should be looking at other creators who have your target audience and utilize the same or similar hashtags as them.

Additionally, when you use relevant and popular hashtags, your videos are also more likely to be found by users searching for related topics,  leading to more views, likes, and followers.

35+ Best Trending YouTube Shorts Hashtags To Go Viral

Banner for Most Popular Hashtags on YouTube

To make your YouTube Shorts go viral, consider using some of the top trending hashtags that are the most searched for, such as:

  • #subscribe

  • #shorts

  • #youtubevideo

  • #viral

  • #newvideo

  • #nurseryrhymes

  • #soundvariations

  • #babysongs

  • #funny

  • #babyshark

  • #asmr

  • #roblox

  • #minecraft

  • #dianaandroma

  • #entertainment

  • #gta5

  • #history

  • #icespice

  • #jesus

  • #live

  • #meghanmarkle

  • #news

  • #nfl

  • #oppenheimer

  • #peppapig

  • #quotes

  • #recipe

  • #spiderman

  • #tiktok

  • #usa

  • #wednesday

  • #xbox

  • #y

  • #youtube

  • #zendaya

  • #49ers

These are just some of the most searched-for and trending hashtags on YouTube Shorts for 2023. Staying updated with the latest trends and incorporating popular hashtags in your Shorts can significantly impact your content’s visibility. 

Best Food Hashtags For YouTube Shorts

If you’re creating video content in the food niche, some of the most popular food-related hashtags for YouTube Shorts include:

  • #foodvideo

  • #food

  • #foodporn

  • #foodie

  • #foodphotography

  • #foodblogger

  • #foodstagram

  • #instafood

  • #foodnetwork

  • #foodvideos

  • #foodstamps

Using these hashtags can help you attract more viewers who are interested in food channels or in specific topics or interests, ultimately boosting your food channel’s visibility and engagement.

Best Travel Hashtags For YouTube Shorts

For travel enthusiasts, here are some of the top travel hashtags for YouTube Shorts:

  • #travel

  • #travelvlog

  • #traveling

  • #trip

  • #vacation

  • #travelgram

  • #wanderlust

  • #adventure

  • #instatravel

  • #blogger

Including these trending travel hashtags in your Shorts can help you reach a larger audience interested in travel content, resulting in increased visibility and engagement for your travel channel.

Best Finance Hashtags For YouTube Shorts

In the finance niche, consider using several hashtags, like:

  • #finance

  • #money

  • #investing

  • #investment

  • #entrepreneur

  • #trading

  • #stockmarket

  • #stocks

  • #wealth

  • #marketing

  • #business

Incorporating these finance-related hashtags in your YouTube Shorts can enhance your content’s visibility and engagement, allowing you to reach more viewers interested in finance topics and grow your channel.

Techniques to Find the Best Trending Hashtags for Your YouTube videos

Finding the perfect hashtags for your YouTube Shorts can be a daunting task, especially with the vast number of hashtags available.

However, by using some proven techniques, you can easily identify the best hashtags for your content. These techniques include analyzing competitor channels, using keyword research tools, monitoring trending videos from your feed, and just searching the internet for them..

Analyze Competitor Channels

One effective technique to find the best hashtags for your YouTube Shorts is to analyze competitor channels.

This allows you to identify popular and successful hashtags employed by your competitors, providing insights into hashtag performance and engagement within your niche.

Once you identify another YouTuber who has your target audience and is creating similar content, just scroll through some of their content and document the hashtags that they are using.

Image of niche related hashtags on a competitors YouTube Short.

Remember, the algorithm uses hashtags to help identify patterns in user behavior, so if your target audience is interacting with a lot of videos using a particular hashtag, you want to use it as well.

Utilize Keyword Research Tools and YouTube Search

PCS TubeGrowth and Keywords Everywhere in combination can help you find high-performing hashtags for your YouTube Shorts.

These tools provide detailed analytics and better keyword research than YouTube studio, it will save you a lot of time since the tool will display the data for you and you don’t have to do the searching yourself.

PCS TubeGrowth is a Chrome Extension that will find the most popular hashtags to use based on the topic of your video, and then Keywords Everywhere will verify the data given to you by PCS TubeGrowth by giving you the total monthly search volume for any particular hashtag or keyword.

Monitor Trending Videos and Hashtags

To stay on top of trending videos and hashtags, regularly check the trending section on YouTube and observe what hashtags the most popular creators are using.

It’s important to always adopt this type of strategy because a lot of times you can not only find trending hashtags, but you will also find trending video topics and keywords before they explode and see massive growth. Get in at the right time and you can ride the wave of views!

Adding Hashtags to Your YouTube Shorts

To add hashtags, simply include them in the title or description of your video post, using a # symbol followed by the keywords you want to use. However, it’s important to strike the right balance between using trending hashtags and avoiding keyword stuffing.

Placement of Hashtags

When it comes to placing hashtags in your YouTube Shorts, you can either include them in the video title or description of your content. Strategically placing hashtags in these areas can help boost visibility and make your content more discoverable.

Showing Hashtag in title and description of YouTube uploader

While there are no strict guidelines for where hashtags should go in Shorts, it’s essential to use them responsibly and make sure they follow YouTube’s community guidelines.

Hashtags should always be relevant to the topic of your video otherwise it can look spammy to YouTube.

Optimal Number of Hashtags

To avoid confusing the algorithm and prevent keyword stuffing, it’s recommended to use a few relevant hashtags in your YouTube Shorts.

Experts suggest using two to three relevant and powerful hashtags for the best results. Using more than the maximum limit of 15 hashtags can lead to your video being ignored by the algorithm.

Avoiding Common Hashtag Mistakes

When adding YouTube Shorts hashtags, it’s crucial to avoid common mistakes that can harm your content’s performance or even lead to violations of YouTube’s guidelines.

For instance, using too many hashtags can result in keyword stuffing, which can negatively impact your Shorts’ visibility and engagement.

Another mistake to avoid is using irrelevant or inappropriate hashtags, which can not only make your content look spammy but also lead to reduced reach, engagement, and even removal of your video or playlist. 

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing, or the practice of using too many keywords in your hashtags, can have negative consequences for your YouTube Shorts.

It can not only make your content difficult to read and lead to a bad user experience but can also result in lower search rankings, as search engines won’t tolerate it.

To avoid keyword stuffing, focus on using relevant and targeted hashtags that describe the content of your YouTube video and resonate with your target audience.

Hashtags aren’t the only thing that the YouTube search algorithm looks at to help index your videos, so there’s no need to overdo it.

Irrelevant and Inappropriate Hashtags

Using irrelevant or inappropriate hashtags in your YouTube Shorts can lead to several negative consequences.

Not only can it make your content look spammy, but it can also lead to reduced reach, engagement, and even removal of your video or playlist if it violates YouTube’s policies.

To avoid using irrelevant or inappropriate hashtags, make sure to use hashtags that accurately describe your content and adhere to YouTube’s community guidelines.

Simply throwing #food on a video that isn’t about food isn’t going to benefit you at all. If anything it is going to confuse the algorithm and limit your results. 

Wrapping Up

YouTube Shorts hashtags play a vital role in increasing your content’s visibility and engagement. By using relevant and trending hashtags, monitoring trends, and analyzing competitor channels, you can optimize your YouTube Shorts for success.

Keep in mind, that YouTube is very smart and all the hashtags in the world aren’t a replacement for poor-quality content. There is no hashtag that will guarantee you go viral and it’s very unlikely that a video won’t go viral because you used the wrong ones.

Grabbing your viewers’ attention and getting them to engage with your content is what will really move the needle.

Especially if you are using YouTube for marketing, you want to make sure your content creation skills are up to par and you are always improving them.

So find yourself a good set of hashtags that you can regularly cycle through and put as much focus as you can into creating very high-quality content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hashtags to use in YouTube Shorts?

When using YouTube Shorts, the best YouTube hashtags to use will be ones that are trending in your niche and relevant to the topic of your video. Analyze other content creators in your niche to see what hashtags they are using and keep an eye out for multiple creators using the same hashtag.

Should you use hashtags for YouTube Shorts?

Yes, you should use hashtags in the title and description of YouTube Shorts video to maximize visibility, take advantage of the YouTube algorithm, link to other videos and playlists sharing the hashtag, and to optimize your content. Following YouTube’s recommendation is a safe bet.

How do I make my Shorts go viral?

To make your Shorts go viral, search your Niche for inspiration, hook viewers from the start with great editing, create a loop, utilize analytics and popular music, and don’t forget to include hashtags.

What are the consequences of using irrelevant or inappropriate hashtags in my YouTube Shorts?

Using irrelevant or inappropriate hashtags can reduce your video’s reach, engagement, and may even lead to its removal if it violates YouTube’s policies.

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