23 Pet Affiliate Programs 2023 (Ranked Best to Worst)

Best Pet Affiliate Programs

Without a doubt, pets are not just animals that live in your house, they are members of the family.

Because of this, pet owners are willing to spend a lot of money on their furry friend.

This includes:

  • Toys
  • Apparel
  • Home Decor
  • Medicines
  • Insurance
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Plus more

From 2013 to 2021, household spending on pets has grown by 33%. This growing trend has made the pet industry lucrative, with an increasing number of companies venturing into pet-related products and services.

For bloggers and influencers with a pet-loving audience, this presents a great opportunity to earn by promoting pet products and services as an affiliate. If you have a blog or a social media following that is interested in pets, joining pet affiliate programs can be a great way to monetize your platform.

In this post, we will discuss the best and worst pet affiliate programs to promote in 2023. These programs and companies have been reviewed by us to make sure we can provide you with the best possible options for your business.

To curate this list, we looked at a few factors, including:

  • Consumer Reviews
  • Cookie Duration
  • Commission Percentage
  • Company Reputation
  • Approval Odds
  • Average Order Value

Whether you’re a cat lover, equine enthusiast, or pup parent, there is something for everyone on this list, as well as something to stay away from.

What Are The Best Pet Affiliate Programs?

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation at no additional cost to you.

Brain Training For Dogs (Highest Commissions)

Brain Training For Dogs Sales page. One of the best pet affiliate programs

Brain Training for Dogs is a dog training program created by Adrienne Farricelli, who is a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer.

The product is completely digital and can be accessed immediately after purchase.

The course is all about “unlocking your dog’s hidden intelligence” and training your dog to obey commands and end undesirable behaviors like leash pulling, chewing, and biting.

The full product plus bonuses is available for $67 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

If you have an audience or a list of dog owners, there is a large possibility that they can benefit from a training program like this one.

Also worth noting, Brain Training For Dogs has been one of the top pet affiliate programs for a long period of time on Clickbank.

The affiliate program pays an enormous 75% commission on the front-end product and includes a lot of free resources to use in your campaign.

This means that you can expect to earn at least $50.25 per sale.

Given the amount of resources, generous commission, and 60 day guarantee with immediate access for your customers, this is one of the best pet affiliate programs on this list.

To promote it, just create an account on Clickbank and search for it in the marketplace.

Budget Pet Care (High Approval Odds)

Budget Pet Care Home Page

BudgetPetCare.com is an online retailer that offers a wide range of pet supplies at affordable prices. Their product range includes flea and tick treatments, deworming products, pet supplements, and more for dogs, cats, birds, and horses.

The company has received positive feedback from customers on their website and has an average rating of 3.6 stars on trustpilot. Customers appreciate the competitive pricing, fast shipping, and responsive customer service.

The BudgetPetCare affiliate program is hosted on the Commission Junction network and offers a commission of up to 13% on qualified sales referred. The average order value is around $120, and they have a 60-day cookie duration.

This means you can expect earnings of $15.60 on a sale, which is better than most pet affiliate programs offer.

Another huge plus is that they have very high approval odds on the CJ network, making this a great fit for beginners.

When considering the attractive commission rate, high approval odds, high average order value, and large range of products, definitely consider adding this one to your affiliate campaign.


Ollie Home Page

Ollie is a company that sells customized dog food meal plans using only human grade ingredients.

These aren’t just open the package and pour it in the bowl types of meals. These customized meals include all of the ingredients and the cooking instructions to prepare it for your pet.

They have an astounding 4.7 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot, a lot of the reviews mention that Ollie’s meal plans were a great fit for their picky four-legged eaters.

On the website, you will go through a short quiz asking necessary questions about your pet in order to get the best customized package, like weight, breed, and activity level.

After filling this out for my Golden Retriever, Ollie came back with three meal plan recommendations, prices ranging from $45.50 per week to $70 per week at full price (the first one is 50% off).

The Ollie affiliate program is hosted on the Impact Radius affiliate network.

The default commission payout is $60 per online sale, regardless of what is spent on the products. Also known as a flat fee.

They also carry a 30 day cookie period and last touch system, however, not receiving a recurring commission is a big downside considering how attractive the pricing is.

Regardless, based on reviews, commission percentages, and their ability to cater to all of the dog owners in your audience, this is easily one of the best pet affiliate programs we’ve found.


base Paws Home Page

Basepaws is a pet genetics company that offers DNA testing for cats. Their Cat DNA test provides insights into your cat’s breed, ancestry, and health. The benefit of this is to identify potential health risks and provide recommendations for keeping your cat healthy and happy.

The reports from your cat’s DNA are very detailed and easy to read and pricing on different packages ranges from $99 up to $499.

On Amazon, they have a 4.6 star average review across over 2,600 ratings, which is incredible.

The Basepaws affiliate program is hosted on the ShareASale network and offers a commission per sale of 10% on all sales referred. The average order value is around $125, and they have a 30-day cookie duration.

Their conversion rate is also a healthy 3.5%, and they have been active on the Shareasale network since 2019, which is a great sign.

Interest in pet genetics has been growing steadily in recent years in the pet industry, and when combining that with the exceptional stats of the affiliate program, this is certainly a pet affiliate program your audience will like and will be a great addition to your campaign.


PetCareRX Home Page

PetCareRx is a certified online pet pharmacy that carries all of your pet’s medical needs and delivers them to your door. Many pet owners prefer this as opposed to visiting the vet or pharmacy in person to pick up prescriptions.

They provide treats and toys, foods and vitamins, flea, tick, and heartworm protection, and a vast range of prescription medications on their site.

You will also find out that they have 3 pet health and wellness experts in house and phone support 7 days a week to answer your questions.

The PetCareRx affiliate program advertises a 35 day cookie period as well as an Average order value of over $85.

However, it is important to note that, due to legislation, they do not pay any commissions on prescription items.

The affiliate program is hosted on the Flexoffers Affiliate Network and pays an 8% commission on all qualified sales.

In comparison to many of the other affiliate opportunities in the pet niche, this one pays a pretty generous commission and has support features that your audience will like, not offered by other companies.

Overall, this is one to definitely add to your affiliate portfolio if you are in the pet niche.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Affiliate Program

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance has been the #1 customer rated pet insurance plan for the past 7 years.

Vet bills can be very expensive, and just like humans, your pet is also vulnerable to accidents, illness, cancer, needing operations, medications, and breed specific conditions.

Some other features include:

  • Over 560,000 pets that have coverage
  • No hidden fees like enrollment or administrative fees
  • Flexible premium and deductible options
  • You can use any licensed verterinarian that you choose

The pet insurance industry is rapidly growing in popularity, in the US, the number of pets insured from 2020 to 2021 grew by 28%, according to Forbes.

The commission payout to affiliates is $35 per qualified sale, additionally, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance will donate $25 for every sale as well.

This is definitely a unique pet affiliate program to add to your portfolio, as this is a growing opportunity for affiliates in the pet niche as it continues to grow in popularity.


FitBark Home Page

FitBark offers an innovative GPS and Health tracker for your dog. If you have a dog that is a runner or an escape artist, finding your pet will be simpler because the FitBark tracker will give you their exact location.

The product is extremely durable, and it is safe for it to get wet, rated as 100% waterproof.

As an affiliate, this is certainly a unique product to add to your affiliate portfolio is you have a large and engaged dog audience. Even if the dog isnt regularly loose, this can be a great insurance policy when that does unexpectedly happen.

They use a subscription model that costs $9.95 per month for live updates directly to your phone that will allow you to track your dog on the map.

The FitBark affiliate program offers a 12% commission on all qualified sales, and they advertise a $100 average order value, which means you can expect to earn $12 for every referred sale through your link.

They are hosted on the Sharasale affiliate network and have been there since 2015, which is always a good sign.

Another nice feature of this program is the lengthy 60 day cookie duration that they offer.

The downside is they do not offer a recurring commission on subscription plans.

Overall, this is definitely one I would add to my affiliate portfolio as an affiliate marketer in the dog/pet niche.


Petmeds Home Page

1-800-PetMeds, commonly referred to as PetMeds, is America’s largest pet pharmacy. They deliver prescription and non-prescription pet medications, health products, and supplies for dogs, cats, and horses right to your door.

Over 11 million customers have been served by PetMeds, they are licensed to disburse prescription medication to all 50 states, and they are verified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

The PetMeds affiliate program is hosted on the Ascend network and offers up to 15% commission on qualified sales. But due to legislation, they cannot pay commission on prescription items.

The average order value is around $75 per sale, and they have a healthy 5.5% conversion rate.

When considering PetMeds, the wide range of products they offer, the trust they have earned from their customers, the high commission percentages, and the healthy sitewide conversion rate, this affiliate program could be a great fit for your audience of pet owners seeking reliable and affordable pet medications and supplies.


Embark home Page

Embark is a company that focuses on outdoor related pet products. Anything you need to bring your pet with you into the rugged outdoors you will find on Embark’s website.

They also offer a shocking 1 year warranty on everything, unless it has been chewed by your pet. If you find any defects at all, they will guarantee the product and issue you a replacement for the first year.

Most all of their dog harnesses, collars, and leashes are not of the lightweight variety, they are rugged, durable and built to last.

They are also a smaller business, founded by 5 members, three humans and two dogs. Plus they put a lot of emphasis on charitable donations.

We weren’t able to find much for reviews that weren’t included on their website, but out of 124 they averaged a 4.8 star rating.

The Embark affiliate program is powered by Refersion and pays a 10% commission with a super lengthy 90 day cookie duration.

The commission is a bit higher than a lot of the other pet affiliate programs that sell physical products, which is something to consider when deciding if this is one you’ll be promoting.

The uniqueness of this product and the passion this company has for dogs and the outdoors will make this an easy promotion to your list of pet owners.

Sign Up For Embark Affiliate Program


Nomnomnow home page

NomNomNow is a subscription-based pet food service that delivers freshly made, pre-portioned meals for dogs and cats directly to your doorstep.

The meals are formulated by a veterinary nutritionist and are customized to meet the specific needs of your pet based on their age, weight, activity level, and health concerns.

Customer reviews on their website are overwhelmingly positive, and they have an average rating of 4 stars on external review sites. Many customers report improvements in their pets’ health and energy levels after switching to NomNomNow.

The NomNomNow affiliate program is hosted on the Rakuten network and offers a $75 commission for each new customer referred. The average order value is around $200, and they have a 30-day cookie duration.

Given the high commission rate, average order value, and growing trend of pet owners seeking healthier food options for their pets, the NomNomNow affiliate program could be a great fit for your audience of pet owners.


Chewy Home Page

Chewy.com is an online pet product retailer with a team of over 20,000 employee’s and they carry more than 3,500 brands of pet products on their website.

They also offer 24/7 customer service via phone and chat to assist shoppers in finding the right products for their pet.

They have a lot of cool products for all pets like toys, apparel, and treats but also cater to medical needs by offering antibiotics, allergy medications, skin care and more for your furry family members.

Chewy has been in business since 2011 and since has grown to become a multi-billion dollar business.

The Chewy affiliate program is hosted on the Partnerize affiliate network.

The requirements to join are minimal, but they do reserve the right to decline any partnership request.

As an affiliate, Chewy will pay you 4% commission on all new and existing customer referrals.

Since the average order value on Chewy.com in 2022 was $81, this means your average commission on sales made through your affiliate link would be $3.24.

While this is a very low dollar amount, there is something for all pet owners on Chewy.com. Which suggests that something as simple as a pet meme page on social media can convert a significant amount of sales at this retailer.

In addition, when building an email list from your promotional efforts, doing repeat business with your leads will not be very difficult when you consider how many products you can recommend.

Overall, Chewy.com is a great company to have in your affiliate portfolio of promotions.


Petsmart Home Page

Petsmart was originally founded in 1986 under the name Petfood Warehouse, a company that sold pet food in bulk.

In 2017, Petsmart purchased Chewy.com, a very popular online pet retailer.

Petsmart, a company of approximately 56,000 employees, had a revenue of $7 Billion in 2022, which means they earned about $125,000 per employee.

PetSmart carries products for all pets types and has many physical locations as well as a massive online presence.

There is something for everyone who owns a pet at PetSmart, meaning the number of products you can promote to your audience will be plentiful.

To join the Petsmart affiliate program, you will need to have an account with the popular affiliate network, FlexOffers.com.

The program pays 4.8% commission and sports a decent 30 day cookie window on all online sales except for services and bookings. This means you can earn only on physical products ordered.

This is not too bad of a commission payout for physical products in this niche, however, in 2021, the average online order value was only $65.

On average, your earnings per sale as an affiliate for Petsmart would be $3.12.

Overall, this is a good pet affiliate program to have in your affiliate marketing portfolio.


PetPlate Home Page

Petplate is a pet food delivery service that uses all natural ingredients in its products.

They don’t use artificial preservatives or fillers, are USDA-approved, and use only human grade ingredients. They advertise that their custom meal plans will get your dog off of kibble forever.

They have multiple customized meal plans that you can sign up for to be delivered to your door, depending on the needs of your pet.

They have plans that can be completely customized, whether you are just looking for some additional nutrition to add to your current pet’s diet or you want a complete meal plan, PetPlate offers both.

The Petplate affiliate program is hosted on the Shareasale network and has been active on the network since 2017.

When a customer uses your unique affiliate link to sign up for a Petplate subscription, you will earn a $25 one-time commission for the sale.

I generally like to promote a subscription product when they pay recurring commissions, but nonetheless, this is a good product to introduce to your audience of canine companions.


BarkBox Home Page

BarkBox is a fun monthly mystery box that is loaded with random treats, toys, stickers, and other goodies and then delivered to your door every month.

For a while, BarkBox was sending free monthly shipments to me in exchange for some promotional posts on my dog’s Instagram page.

The products were always different and in enough quantity that you could decide if you wanted more of a particular item or not before committing to it.

BarkBox will send you through a quiz to ask you questions about your dog, and the answers you give will determine what types of products they will be putting in your monthly subscription boxes.

Then you will be able to choose from 3 plans, ranging from $22 per month up to $35 per month.

BarkBox’s affiliate program is hosted on CJ, a popular affiliate network.

Regardless of the chosen subscription, Barkbox will pay you $18 in commission for every new sign up that comes through your affiliate link. However, the commission is not recurring.

It would be a really sweet affiliate program if it were.


EntirelyPets Home Page

EntirelyPets is a one stop pet shop that aims to provide all of your non prescription vet needs without breaking the bank.

They advertise unbeatable prices on all pet products on their site and free shipping on orders over $85.

They also offer a guarantee of the best prices and the best shopping experience on their website.

However, contrary to the guarantee, Trustpilot only shows a 2 star average review from consumers, 56% of whom left a 1-star review and reported that they purchased products from the site, but were notified via email over a week later that their items were out of stock and there was no ETA for the orders.

Taking this into consideration, I would likely leave this option out of my affiliate portfolio. As an affiliate, consumer reviews are part of my due diligence and important when making campaign decisions.

Nevertheless, if you decide to promote this one anyway, EntirelyPets can be found on the CJ affiliate network.

They pay a 3% to 10% commission depending on the product and offer a 30 day cookie period.

Revival Animal Health

Revival Animal Health Home Page

Revival Animal Health was founded in 1989, and they specialize in providing pet related medicine, vaccines, and supplements.

Currently, there are over 1,500 products listed on the site, primarily for dog’s and cats, but they do also carry some other pet related products, horses being one of them.

However, they aren’t showing a lot of reviews online from trusted sources like Trustpilot, and their Facebook page appears to have a lot of spammy related reviews attached to it.

If you see this as a red flag, then I may avoid adding this one to your affiliate portfolio. I may only add this company if you personally recommend them.

The Revival Animal Health affiliate program is currently hosted on the CJ affiliate network, just log in and search for them. I was unable to find a dedicated affiliate page on their website.

The commission payout you will earn on all qualified affiliate sales is 6%, and they have a 30 day cookie period.

With an average order value of $110 sitewide, you can expect to earn $6.60 per new sale generated through your affiliate link.

Pet Wellbeing

Pet Wellbeing Home Page

Pet Wellbeing carries mostly health and wellness related pet products such as chewie’s, skincare, and allergy relief for cats and dogs.

They have a very large selection of these products, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Pet Wellbeing advertises over 115,000 five star reviews on their website, however, other sources, like Trustpilot, are fairly dry in consumer reviews. It’s worth noting, though, that the ones that are there are good ones, coming in at an average of 4.2 stars.

Pet Wellbeing’s affiliate program is hosted on the Sharasale network and has been active for a surprisingly long amount of time. In fact, it is the longest we’ve seen in this article, having been active since 2008.

The commission payout on all sales is 10%, and they advertise the average order value to be $60 up to $75, meaning you can expect a $6 to $7.50 commission on each referred sale.

According to the stats on Shareasale, however, the average commission is much lower than that at only $1.70, but it sports a massive 14.75% average conversion rate, as opposed to the industry average of 3% to 4%.

Taking all of that into consideration, this affiliate program can be a good option if you have the right audience of pet owners.


Furbo Home Page

Furbo is a revolutionary pet camera designed specifically for dogs. The camera allows pet owners to see, talk, and even toss treats to their pets when they are not at home.

The Furbo dog camera comes with a range of features, including 1080p HD video streaming, night vision, barking alerts, and a treat tossing function.

The product has received some mediocre reviews from customers as well as some good ones. Some claim that the product is not built to last and others say the customer support offered by the company is really poor.

But the reviews left shortly after the purchase average out to about 4 stars, and as with any company, you’ll have some bad experiences. This isn’t something that worries me.

The Furbo affiliate program is hosted on the ShareASale network and offers a commission of 5% on all sales referred.

The average order value is around $150, and they have a 30-day cookie duration. Which means the average commission earned is about $8.

Given the high average order value and the popularity of the product, the Furbo dog camera could be a good option if your pet owners spend a lot of time out of the house.


PetCube Home Page

Petcube is a digital pet sitter that allows you to view your pet and even dispense treats for them from a mobile app while you are away.

Their products have received positive reviews from customers on their website and have an average rating of 4.5 stars across 660+ reviews on Trustpilot. Customers appreciate the simple setup, some have also stated they’ve been able to correct bad behavior through the device while they are not at home.

The Petcube affiliate program is hosted on the ShareASale network and offers a commission of 10% per sale on all sales referred.

The average order value is around $30, meaning that the average commission per sale is around $3 and they have a 30-day cookie duration.

Given the popularity of pet monitoring devices and the positive reviews of Petcube products, this affiliate program could be a great fit for your audience of pet owners with mischievous pets.

Sign Up For Petcube Affiliate Program


pupjoy home page

PupJoy is a subscription box service designed especially for dogs. They offer a customizable box of toys, treats, and chews that will keep your pet entertained and healthy.

While they have a strong customer base and many positive reviews on their website, there are only a few reviews available on external sites. However, the reviews available are generally positive, with an average rating of 4.7 stars.

The PupJoy affiliate program is hosted on the ShareASale network and offers a variable 15% up to 30% commission per sale depending on the product.

They also offer a 30 day cookie duration.

The downside to promoting Pupjoy, is that their Average Order Value is very low, at only $25 per sale on average and that is accompanied by a low conversion rate of less than 1%.

Considering all factors, if you are able to send a high volume of customers to Pupjoy, that high commission percentage will payout nicely, but when you factor in the low conversion rate and AOV, this might be one to offer as a third or fourth helping on your email list.

Only Natural Pet

only natural pet home pet

Only Natural Pet is a leading online retailer that offers natural pet supplies for dogs and cats. Their product range includes natural pet food, treats, supplements, flea and tick prevention, grooming products, and more.

The company is committed to providing pet owners with natural, safe, and eco-friendly products that promote the health and well-being of pets.

Their products have received positive reviews from customers on their website, but have a low average score on external review sites of about 2.4 stars.

The Only Natural Pet affiliate program is hosted on the Flexoffers network and the commission structure is quite interesting.

When you send a qualified sale that purchases one product from the site, you will earn 4.8% of that sale, however, when that referred customer purchases two or more products during that transaction, the commission is doubled to 9.6%.

They also offer a decent 45 day cookie period when a lead clicks on your affiliate link.

All things considered, this isn’t a bad affiliate program to include in your campaign, but there are many others like it they may be better.


Petco Home Page

Petco was founded in 1965 under another name, UPCO, as a mail order veterinary supplies company headquartered in California.

By 1980, the very first Petco store outside of California had opened in Oregon.

Petco considers itself a pet health and wellness company and provides all sorts of pet related products for all pet types both in store and online.

Petco generated net revenue of just over $6 Billion in 2022, seeing a 3.9% growth year over year.

The Petco affiliate program is hosted on the Impact Radius affiliate network and can be joined by applying from within the network or by clicking the button below.

The program will pay you a 2% commission on all online sales but reports a very low EPC of only $0.69 and a 1% acceptance rate.

It is also only available for affiliates in the United States.

They also show a very short cookie duration of only 7 days.

I guess when you have a multi-billion dollar company with a huge online presence and a lot of brick-and-mortar locations, you don’t have to pay your affiliates well. Or let 99% of applicants become affiliates in the first place.

Overall, I wouldn’t bother trying to join this affiliate program. The commissions are very low, and you can find many better opportunities elsewhere.


Horse.com is a comprehensive online retailer specializing in horse-related products. From saddles and bridles to horse care products and stable supplies, they offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of equine enthusiasts.

Horse.com has a lot of positive reviews on their website, but external review sites say otherwise. There seems to be a common trend of orders not being received, refunds not being honored when eligible, and poor customer service.

This is a huge red flag when considering a company I would be recommending to my audience. If they have a bad experience after my recommendation, even though it’s not my fault, it still reflects poorly on the affiliate.

The Horse.com affiliate program is hosted on the PepperJam network and offers a commission of 5% on all sales referred.

With an average order value of $75 per sale and a 30-day cookie duration, this program doesn’t offer much potential for a decent income for affiliates.

Given the niche nature of this market, you can only expect to see conversions if you have an abundance of equine enthusiasts in your audience as opposed to just a generalized pet audience.

Applying to the program is no easy feat either, they don’t provide any direct link to an application, and unless you are already a Pepperjam partner, you cannot find any of the specifics of their affiliate program.

They also only consider affiliates that have a website. To all of my social media marketers reading this, you’re out of luck on this one.

When also considering the poor customer experiences and low payout rates, I would probably look at other pet affiliate programs.

What Is A Pet Affiliate Program?

A pet affiliate program is a company or service that specializes in anything pet related. This can include dogs, cats, fish, equines, or any other animal that can be considered a domestic pet.

The pet niche is a great starting point for new affiliates because the products are usually inexpensive and your potential customer base is extremely large. As of 2023, 86.9 million, or 66% of households, have pets just in the United States alone.

The pet niche is also a very competitive one, which is why affiliate marketing is such an effective marketing method for companies in the pet industry when they decide to launch an affiliate program.

When an influencer or blogger has built an audience that trusts them and is interested in pets, it becomes very easy for the influencer or blogger to earn affiliate commissions promoting these types of products.

In addition to that, the vendors that are selling the products can grow their company and only have to compensate the affiliate marketer for successful transactions, which is far more cost effective than other in house marketing methods they may perform.

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How To Successfully Promote A Pet Affiliate Program To Pet Owners

To become a successful affiliate marketer in the pet niche, you will need to build or attract an audience of pet owners. This can be done in a variety of ways.

Social media marketing is a great way to capture free traffic by creating pet related content. This can be short form videos, still images, a podcast, or even a YouTube channel.

Paid advertising combined with email marketing can also be a very targeted method of capturing the right audience and giving them exactly what they are looking for at the right time. Especially when adding multiple affiliate products to your email campaign,

Another viable method of promoting pet products would be by starting a pet blog. When someone is looking for a specific bit of information right now, the first thing they are going to do is search for it in a search engine.

If your blog post comes up, that provides you with an opportunity to capture a sale and earn an affiliate commission.

Regardless of your affiliate marketing strategy, a common trend amongst all the pet affiliate programs on this list, even the ones that offer a subscription service, is the lack of recurring commissions.

There isn’t much “passive income” to be earned in this niche, so you’re affiliate marketing strategies will be reliant on the volume of sales.

Ultimately, learning how to do this effectively by enrolling in an affiliate marketing course can be a great way to come up with a solid strategy using proven methods.

Otherwise, regardless of the niche or affiliate program, you can spend a lot of time trying to figure it out on your own.

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Wrapping Up

The best pet affiliate programs and worst pet affiliate programs based on our in house research have been laid out for you here so you can make an educated decision on the direction of your business.

Promoting the wrong products to your audience can be detrimental to your reputation as an affiliate marketer, and you won’t be of any value to pet owners.

So make sure you choose which products to promote based on the best fit for your audience, but don’t cut yourself short in the process.

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