Does Blog Growth Engine Help You Make Money? – Customer Review (2024)

Blog Growth Engine Review

You’ve probably watched countless YouTube videos and read tons of articles about affiliate marketing, starting a blog, starting a YouTube channel, and a multitude of other things in an attempt to find a way to make money online.

But you remain stuck with the same question… Where do you even begin?

Maybe this sounds familiar: you open up Google, type in “how to make money online” or “online business ideas,” and you’re overwhelmed with lists that contain every side hustle and business model under the sun, leaving you more and more confused.

Every article seems to promise a ‘secret formula’, which is blocked behind a paywall, keeping you clueless unless you drop your hard earned money on a course, software, or the like.

Terms like “affiliate marketing” and “SEO optimization” are commonplace, and you can see tons of other ordinary people out there getting massive results, but you have no idea how they’re doing it.

Somewhere in that process, you stumbled across Adam Enfroy’s course, Blog Growth Engine.

This is leaving you curious and wondering a few things: Who is Adam Enfroy? Can he be trusted? Does Adam Enfroy’s blogging course actually work? Will it work even if I have no experience or have never made a dollar online?

I’m going to answer all of those questions for you today in this comprehensive Blog Growth Engine Review.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. If you click a link and make a purchase I may receive compensation at no additional cost to you.

What is Blog Growth Engine?

Blog Growth Engine is an A-Z step-by-step training designed to help beginner, intermediate and advanced entrepreneurs create a full time income online with a blogging website.

It covers everything from choosing a domain name, to keyword research, to link building and designing your website.

All the information you need to create a blogging business from scratch is assembled for you in chronological order in the blog growth engine course.

Who Created Blog Growth Engine?

Adam Enfroy co-founded Blog Growth Engine with his business partner, Colin Shipp. Adam started his blog in 2019, and it became the fastest growing blog business ever created. He was able to generate over $1 million in revenue with his blog, with no money spent on advertising.

Adam Enfroy, co-founder of Blog Growth Engine at his laptop

[SOURCE: adamenfroy.com]

In addition to his blog, you can also find Adam Enfroy on YouTube and Tiktok where he mostly provides educational content around blogging, affiliate marketing and the like.

Without a doubt, Adam Enfroy has the credentials and experience to teach others how to start their own blog in 2023 and beyond, and he has.

This led to the inception of Blog Growth Engine.

Prior to blogging, Adam Enfroy was an affiliate manager for BigCommerce.

He started seeing the amount of revenue that different bloggers were earning as affiliate marketers, and this is what piqued his interest in blogging in the first place.

What Is In The Blog Growth Engine Course?

When you purchase the Blog Growth Engine course, you will get access not only to the original course and all of it’s content, but you will also get access to their newly released and updated Blog Growth Engine 4.0

Blog Growth Engine Dashboard

Building Your $10k/month Plan

The first module of the Blog Growth Engine course is all about creating your official business plan.

This is where you will come to understand the 30,000 foot view of starting and running a blogging business and what’s involved in making it work.

This includes choosing a domain name, discovering the “brand of you,” picking a niche, and getting the foundation put together.

Search Intent and Keyword Research

Module number 2 is all about search intent and keyword research.

This module will teach you how to understand the intention behind some of the searches that people will make in search engines. Knowing this will allow you to write your articles properly.

When a particular search is made, there is usually a particular bit of information that the user is looking for, if you miss this, then no one will read your article.

Equally important as search intent is keyword research.

Adam and Colin will walk you through their step-by-step process for finding high-traffic, low competition keywords to write about.

In addition, there are individual trainings for finding emerging keywords that will be seeing a lot of search volume in the near future, so you can hop on the ship early and ride the wave up.

You will also find extensive training in this module about topical authority. This is an interesting concept that most bloggers don’t know about and also allows you to compete in high competition searches as a small blogger.

Mindset For Guaranteed Success

The third module of the course is all about mindset, setting realistic goals and expectations, and how to keep yourself motivated throughout the blogging process.

In this module, Adam will rewire your brain from thinking like an employee to an entrepreneur.

How To Build Your Website

Adam and his team are going to walk you step-by-step through the website setup process.

This starts with creating your domain name and a walkthrough of WordPress and ends with you ready to publish your very first blog post.

Adam teaches a minimum viable approach to this, putting emphasis on the idea that you can always come back and make changes later and to just get something functional ready. This allows you to get to the money as fast as possible without fumbling around with back-end nonsense.

You’ll get a comprehensive walkthrough of WordPress’ dashboard and settings. All of the little nuanced things that beginners tend to get stuck on are covered here.

Content Creation

Module 5 is where you will begin to create content (your blog posts).

Adam talks about how each post is like its own mini business.

You’ll get a comprehensive walkthrough of how to build a blog post completely from scratch.

This includes exactly what types of posts to make, how many of each type, and when to maximize revenue potential, get rankings faster, and get posts made as fast as possible.

Using the “content assembly line” method taught in this section, I’ve been able to get new blog posts from zero to published in under 2 hours, which includes this one.

Webcopy Masterclass

Adamenfroy.com home page

This section is all about copywriting and writing content that sells.

To have a good blog post, you need to hook the reader in and keep them interested. Beyond that, you also need to understand your reader and speak to them properly.

If you fail to do this, then your content won’t be read, and as a result, you won’t be able to make any sales from your blog.

Link Building

This is something that I didn’t even know was important prior to investing in the Blog Growth Engine Course and learning it.

Search engines determine the value of your post based on how many other websites link to it and which ones.

Because of this, links have a very high value associated with them.

For example, if I were to ask Adam Enfroy for one link from one of his articles to one of mine, I could expect to pay $800+ for that one link because of what it would do for me in the eyes of the search engines.

In this module, Adam and his team will walk you through a bulletproof process of how you can get these highly desirable and high quality links for free, using their “link exchange flywheel” method.

This is the part of blogging that most bloggers skip, and that’s because it’s HARD!

But, in this very thorough step-by-step module, you will learn the exact process that will make this a breeze.

Just 30 days into my blog, I’ve already been able to acquire three links for free that have a street value of over $500.

Monetizing Your Brand

This is where Adam will teach you about money, or, in his words, the “four phases of profit.”

These four phases are affiliate marketing, ad revenue, selling your own product, and consulting.

Spoiler alert: there are far more ways to make money with your blog than just those, and they are covered in the course too, but these are the initial 4 to worry about.

They are the quickest to achieve and are typical of most blogs on the internet.

Affiliate marketing and ad revenue are going to be your first two income streams and are completely passive.

Once you begin getting traffic to the right articles, you can work on other elements of your business while these two pull in revenue.

Monetizing Your Skills

This is the section that will teach you how to get the most out of the more active streams of income that your blog can produce.

This includes selling links, selling marketing packages, freelance writing, when to make the sale, and how to find golden revenue opportunities, just to name a few.

They will also cover the outreach strategy for making these sales and systematizing the whole process.

Content Updates

Once you create a blog post, it’s not going to be a done deal. Like I mentioned earlier, each post is like its own mini-business.

This section will cover what posts to update, when to update them, and how to update them for better rankings.

This is also a section where they will continuously update new changes in the search engines that will effect your rankings.

Scaling And Outsourcing

Obviously, there are only so many hours in a day. You will eventually need to bring in help to scale your blogging business to new heights.

This section will cover how to find your first hire, what that first hire should be doing, how to train them, and then how to pick your next hire.

Scaling efficiently will fuel your blogging business and transition you from a business operator to a business owner in charge of delegation. But if done improperly, it can make your business far less efficient while incurring costs.

Adam currently has many coaches, content writers, editors, and outreach specialists on his team. He is probably one of the best at teaching this leadership skill.

Weekly Group Coaching

In addition to the blog growth engine course material, there are three weekly group coaching sessions that you have lifetime access to.

Blog Growth Engine Group Coaching Calendar

This is a Zoom meeting format that allows you to interact directly with the coaches and ask questions when you get stuck.

These are hosted at different times to cater to all time zones around the world. One meeting is at 7 p.m. Eastern on Mondays, 12 p.m. Eastern on Wednesdays, and 4 a.m. Eastern on Fridays.

No matter if you work a 9-5, work a nightshift, or do anything else, there will always be at least one weekly meeting that you can attend.

All of the meetings are for one hour, and oftentimes, they go longer than that if you have questions.

Unlimited One-on-One Coaching

The Blog Growth Engine Course also includes unlimited one-on-one coaching sessions with the experts. These aren’t just handed out to you nonstop, you are expected to try to get help in the group coaching first.

Understandably so, as a marketing coach myself who has launched programs in the past offering free one-on-one meetings, some clients will not hesitate to abuse this and book a meeting every day.

It is a necessary rule. But if you have tried other means of getting unstuck and been unsuccessful, no worries; schedule a session with one of the coaches, and they will give you customized, personalized help during the session.

Blog Growth Engine Community

Having purchased MANY training programs and courses in the past, one thing that makes these courses as valuable as they are is the community.

Blog Growth Engine Community - Ryan Halbert's profile

If a program doesn’t offer a community for you to get feedback from, ask questions to, and network with, then it likely isn’t worth the investment.

You get lifetime access to the exclusive Blog Growth Engine private community.

Templates, Templates, and More Templates

Throughout the course, they give you free templates and resources for just about everything.

Blog post types? There is a template for all of them.

Keyword research spreadsheets? There is a very thorough one and training on how to use it.

Email templates for reaching out for guest posts and links? They’re in there.

They even give you a profit and loss spreadsheet to track your blogging business performance as you begin to see earnings.

As a matter of fact, I used one of the supplied templates to write this Blog Growth Engine review!

Link Exchange Slack Channel

In addition to all of the training on link building, they also host a community Slack Channel specifically for link exchanges.

Here, you can see when other members are selling links, find prospects who want to buy links from you within the community, or do an exchange.

This is a one of a kind bonus that you won’t find anywhere else.

And just like the rest of the product, you have lifetime access to it.

Member Exclusive Discounts

Throughout the Blog Growth Engine Course, you’ll find a lot of training on mandatory or optional softwares that you may need to streamline and optimize your business.

In many cases, Adam has worked out a special deal to offer discounts on these products for the members of the Blog Growth Engine community.

Some of these discounts are hefty as well. One of the partnerships that you will have access to is a Link Building Agency.

Normally, you would pay them $1,000+ monthly for a set amount of links, but as a member you are able to buy individual links from them for pennies on the dollar should you choose to buy links instead of getting them organically with the other strategies taught.

What Does Blog Growth Engine Cost?

Ordinarily, Blog Growth Engine will cost you $3,997 to get access to everything mentioned above.

Blog Growth Engine Checkout Page

However, when you watch Adam Enfroy’s Free Masterclass and buy from his funnel, you can get access to everything for only $1,497 one time payment.

You can watch Adam Enfroy’s Free Masterclass by clicking on the button below, which will explain keyword research, coming up with a plan, and blogging fundamentals you need to get started.

Blog Growth Engine Alternatives

It would be an injustice for me to say that any of the other blogging courses on the market today are a better alternative to Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine course or even worth your time to look at.

Simply because I struggled with my blog for a long time until I got enrolled into Blog Growth Engine and I had purchased some of the other options prior.

However, as outlined in this Blog Growth Engine Review, this affiliate marketing course specializes in starting a blogging business.

There are many other way to start an affiliate marketing business or any business online for that matter that may be simpler for you and will get results faster.

Legendary Marketer offers an alternative affiliate marketing course if you are looking to use social media to drive traffic and master email marketing.

If that sounds like something that you may be interested in doing instead, I would recommend taking a look at my comprehensive Legendary Marketer Review by clicking on this link.

My Personal Experience With Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine (SERP Ranking’s in under 30 days)

I originally enrolled into Adam Enfroy’s course, Blog Growth Engine, in May of 2023.

Feel free to browse the rest of my site to see how much progress has been made for yourself, but in that short amount of time a lot of progress has been made.

I can also say that when I sit down to work, I know exactly what the steps are and where I should be focusing my attention.

I originally started my blog over a year ago and struggled to make progress.

Part of that is because I didn’t know what I was doing, the other part is that I didn’t know what I SHOULD be doing.

I would write awful posts that weren’t formatted correctly, I didn’t have a good strategy for internal linking, and I had wasn’t even creating the right types of posts for keywords that would get me traction.

After completing the course and remaining active in the community and on coaching calls, all of that changed.

I have multiple posts ranking in search engines and I have already earned over $1,000 in affiliate commissions from my traffic.

To give you an idea, I have been a full time affiliate marketer for over 2 years, and I know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. But when it comes to blogging I was clueless.

I invest about 25 hours per week into growing my blogging business and now, it is time well spent.

Is Adam Enfroy’s Blog Growth Engine Worth It?

We’ve covered the founder, Adam Enfroy. We’ve discussed how blogging can become an income generating machine, giving you the freedom to work from home or anywhere you would like.

We’ve also taken a deep dive into everything that this course has to offer.

Finally, when you take into consideration the Blog Growth Engine Cost, for me it was a no brainer.

Hopefully this Blog Growth Engine Review was what you needed to make a decision as to whether or not you want to venture into the blogging world, but if you’re still unsure, I would recommend heading over and watching Adam Enfroy’s free blogging masterclass to see for yourself how valuable and magnetic his teachings are.

Adam Enfroy's Free Masterclass Landing Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blog Growth Engine Legit?

Yes, Blog Growth Engine is absolutely a legitimate training course. Currently, there are over 2,000 active students in the community. I see new testimonials and case studies on a daily basis of other members sharing their wins and losses.

It is the best option for starting and affiliate marketing business that will provide long term, sustainable and passive results.

Can You Get A Blog Growth Engine Discount?

Yes, ordinarily the course will cost you $3,900, but when you attend Adam Enfroy’s Free Blogging Masterclass, you can get enrolled into Blog Growth Engine for $1,497

Who is Blog Growth Engine For?

Blog Growth Engine is intended for bloggers of any skill level. Whether you are an advanced blogger looking for current relevant strategies wanting to speed your growth and gain support, or you are brand new without even a minimum viable website, Blog Growth Engine will be a good fit for you.

Does Adam’s Blog Growth Engine Teach On Page SEO?

Yes, on page and off page seo are covered within the training in great detail. They also teach you how to use the software’s that will help you optimize for keywords in your articles.

How Long Will It Take To Build A Profitable Blogging Business?

This is for you to decide. Adam Enfroy’s Blogging business grew at record pace and his results arent typical. They happened because he spent countless hours during all of his free time to scale his business fast and become a successful blogger.

For me, I began to see results within a month of implementing the training.

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