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My Journey to Freedom: From Mechanic to Online Entrepreneur

I’ve always been motivated to start my own company and be an entrepreneur ever since I can remember.

My love for gaming, fishing, hunting, collecting watches, and coming up with unconventional ways to make money spurred my aspirations to be my own boss.

I’ve always been surrounded by people who struggle financially. As well as people who like to place blame on “the system” for why they are struggling financially. This never sat well with me.

I can relate to that feeling of working very hard and not having a lot to show for it, even though to work and service you provide is very difficult and requires a lot of skill and talent. But I also understood that there ARE successful people. There ARE people who are filthy rich and it wasn’t handed to them.

I was determined to get that lifestyle for myself. I cannot singlehandedly change “the system”. Even as a member of a group who wished it could be a little bit easier for everyone, I cannot get anywhere by sitting around and hoping that would make an impact. I had to change my life myself.

My path to success wasn’t easy, though, and I want to share my experience in the hopes that it will encourage others to pursue their own goals.

Starting As A Mechanic

My career has humble beginnings. I started working as a mechanic at a Ram dealership when I was just 16 years old with only a high school diploma. Even though fixing pickup trucks wasn’t the most glamorous career, it taught me the value of tenacity, hard effort, and dedication.

I quickly held the positions of highest-paid and most qualified technician in the shop. Despite my successes, I couldn’t get over the idea that my earnings fell short of what they could be. I would see the boss come in with his suit on everyday. Nice guy, I have no complaints about him and he provided me with an opportunity to grow. But I was never gonna be the man in the suit with brand new stuff the way I was going.

I was craving more and realized I needed to pivot in order to live the life I want.

Ryan Halbert working as a mechanic in a dealership

The Beginning Of Negotiations

As the highest-paid technician in the shop, I had leverage. I approached my manager and made a bold request: I wanted to work four 10-hour days instead of six 8-hour days. This isn’t something that they necessarily agreed too, but they knew it was to either give me what I wanted or I would just leave. The dealership had just taken new ownership and the employee turnover was large. So I knew that being shorthanded only added to my leverage.

I teamed up with another mechanic and started a mobile heavy equipment repair business when I had more free time. The company took off quickly, and soon I was able to devote all of my time to it.

The partnership lasted for two years, but ultimately broke down because of conflicting work ethics and long-term objectives. I learned an important lesson from this experience: always proceed with caution when forming alliances.

Ryan Halbert's truck and work trailer from first business venture

The Re-Launch

Undeterred, I relaunched the business as a solopreneur. Success came much quicker this time. Because of my increased focus, improved organization, and careful money management, I was far more successful in my first year than any previous year in a partnership.

I was able to run business much more professionally. I had better equipment and higher level skills. It was exciting, at first…

This however, came at a cost.

After two years, the physical labor and demanding nature of the business (plus working 80 hours per week) started to take its toll. I became irritable, depressed, and lacked the motivation to even get out of bed in the morning.

I was experiencing a challenging time and realized I had to change to end this cycle of hopelessness.

Ryan Halbert's new service truck used in his 2nd business venture

Beginning My Research

In pursuit of a solution, I started investigating and experimenting with numerous online side businesses.

A lot of them proved to be unsuccessful, but eventually I found affiliate marketing.

I was intrigued by the idea, so I bought a course and dove right in to start developing an understanding of it.

I created ad accounts and a TikTok profile to promote my affiliate offers. Though I experienced some initial success with ads, it wasn’t until I focused on growing my TikTok audience that my commissions truly skyrocketed.

I had gained nearly half a million followers on tiktok, and I had earned enough affiliate commissions to feel like the business model was sustainable. I shut down my heavy equipment company four months later and went full-time with affiliate marketing.

Shifting Focus & Teaching Others

After closing my heavy equipment business, I decided to use my newfound time & expertise to add another active revenue stream to my business by teaching the business and strategies to beginners as well as assisting struggling affiliates.

I launched a coaching program, and it was quite successful. The students experienced fantastic results, and I continued to run numerous versions of the offer. This took up the majority of my time and I got really good at and developed a passion for helping others who are determined actually generate significant results online as affiliate marketers.

This allowed me to create another stream of income in my online business as a coach.

Finding A Better Opportunity

After seeing significant success as an affiliate marketing coach, I came to a shrilling realization. I was building wheels that already existed in the marketplace and they were doing it well. Really scaling this thing would require a lot of work and hands on deck. I was gonna need assistance for administrative tasks, closing sales, a support team, and additional qualified coaches to deliver the service.

This was not something I really wanted to do and I saw my newfound freedom of only working 20-30 hours a week and still earning a comfortable living drifting away. At this point it seemed like a no brainer to join a team of elite marketers who not only had a wheel turning, but a full on bus going at high speed.

I reached out to Legendary Marketer, founded by Dave Sharpe, and after displaying the level of value I could provide I was welcomed to the team as their 2nd Marketing Coach. This meant I would work with the same demographic of people, struggling with the same things, all with similar goals in mind and I could focus on what I liked most, delivering a premium coaching service to aspiring business owners.

Which Brings Us Here Today

I’m writing this blog to share my expertise and recommendations with a wider audience.

My mission is to provide my readers with the information and abilities necessary to escape the constraints of a possibly harmful and unfulfilling lifestyle.

I’ve learned through my experience that persistence and adaptability are essential for success. I’ve had difficulties and setbacks, but I’ve also experienced fulfillment from having to overcome roadblocks and pursuing my goals. I want to encourage others to take control of their life and forge their own pathways to success by sharing my knowledge and experiences.

I’m continually looking for new ways to grow my business and have a bigger impact online as I continue to develop and grow.

My goal is to release as many people as I can from the constraints of a routine 9 to 5 job and introduce them to the freedom and flexibility that online entrepreneurship can offer.

In the coming months and years, I plan to share even more valuable content, tips, and strategies to help you achieve success in the business. I’ll cover a wide range of topics, including affiliate marketing, social media growth, and other unique methods to generate income.

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