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Brand New 5 Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge – Full Customer Review (2024)

5 Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge by Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer recently launched their brand new 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge. It is their new introductory product where you can learn how to start an online business from scratch, even if you’ve never done it before.

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As a customer of Legendary Marketer since early 2021, I decided to take a deep dive into this brand new training to find out a few things:

  • Is it a good quality training that will ACTUALLY teach you how to start your own business online, even at its incredibly low price point?
  • Who is the training really for and can that person benefit from the information inside?
  • Is it BETTER than any other Online Business and Marketing courses at this price point, including their recently archived 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge?
  • What should the average person expect after purchasing and completing this online training course?

If any of those questions are things you are curious about, then stick around. I’ve completed the training in its entirety and I’m going to give you a detailed explanation of all of those things, plus a lot more.

What is the 5 Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge?

5 Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge By Legendary Marketer

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The 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge is a brand new training course that Legendary Marketer’s CEO, David Sharpe, just launched. It is the latest installment to their library of Business and Online Marketing education.

Previously, Legendary Marketer was known for their 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge. This was their introduction to Online Marketing and the Core 4 business models you can launch online.

The 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge is a fresh, updated, and condensed training that has now replaced that product entirely. This means that the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge is no longer available for purchase if you don’t own it already.

The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge was created many years ago. As the internet and the marketing industry inevitable evolves, the training material inside of it naturally became outdated, old, and needed a reboot to keep up with current strategies and information.

This is exactly what the 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge is designed to do, so let’s take a look at what is inside of it.

What Is In The 5 Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge?

Inside, you will find approximately 6.5 hours of training material that cover everything from mindset to the core 4 business models, various online marketing strategies, as well as tech walkthroughs so you can set up systems that will automate as much of your new online business as possible.

Let’s break it down in detail:

Day 1 – Learn

Day 1 of the Learn Launch Lead Challenge by Legendary Marketer

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On the first day of the challenge, David Sharpe is going to give you an overview of everything on a surface level that is very easily digestible.

He covers:

  • The “Core 4” Business Models for starting a business online
  • How to automate your business: The process of using a simple 2-step sales process and automated email follow-up to do business with more people, and then repeat business with them.
  • How you will market your business, so you can get customers in the door and ready to do business with you.
  • How you can start your business by marketing OTHER people’s products, so you can get your business off the ground before ever creating an offer of your own.

These are going to be the main points in the “Day 1: Learn” video of the 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge, but Dave will touch on many other points throughout this over 1 hour long training video.

In the assignments of this training, you will find another video training created by one of David’s Marketing Strategists. This training is a step by step instructional on how to create your own sales funnel using one of the 4 sales funnel templates that Dave will provide for you as a bonus for going through the training.

Day 2 – Launch

Day 2 of Learn Launch Lead Challenge by Legendary Marketer

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On the second day of the challenge, David is going to walk you through, in detail, the first marketing strategy that you can use to get customers for your business.

This is a very detailed Faceless Marketing strategy. Faceless Marketing is a method used that involves creating organic (free) content on social media, without ever going on camera yourself. This method has been rapidly growing in popularity.

This is because many people are unable to show up in person to market their business. It may be due to fear, a risk of breaching a work contract, a desire to keep your identity anonymous, and many other things.

If any of those things apply to you, Dave has you covered in this module.

To help you understand how this works, Dave brought in one of his students who has used only Faceless marketing strategies to grow and scale his business. They took a deep dive into the methods and how-to of making this work and didn’t gatekeep anything.

What I liked most about this is how different the approach to Faceless Marketing is addressed. I’ve purchased MANY other trainings and courses in the past that include Faceless Marketing Strategies but they often include a lecture about “getting out of your comfort zone” or something like that.

Instead of taking this angle, David just delivered the education you needed so you can just do it, without belittling you for finding Faceless Marketing as an appealing method.

This is something that was not covered at all in Dave’s previous product, the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge.

Day 3 – Lead

Day 3 of Learn Launch Lead Challenge by legendary Marketer

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On Day 3, you will learn even more about online marketing strategies for your business, except this time, they cover how to do it with a personal brand. The Opposite of Faceless marketing would be Face ON marketing. So you’re getting the best of both worlds between Days 2 and 3 of this training.

You will also learn about popular and effective automation methods for your content marketing, things like scheduling your content to post automatically at a specific time that you set.

In addition to that, you’ll also be given a PDF with 50 hooks you can use to grab the attention of your target customers with the content you’re making.

I felt like these 2 days covered all the necessary components you need to get in front of people for free online. Content is something that you can spend hundreds of hours teaching, which would just lead to confusion and overwhelm if they crammed it all in there on a surface level.

Instead, you’re getting the most effective strategies that are working right now so you can focus just on what’s important when getting launched.

Day 4 – Mindset

Day 4 of Learn Launch Lead Challenge by Legendary Marketer

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Day 4 of the Learn Launch Lead Challenge is going to be all about mindset. Here’s my advice, if you feel like this topic is unappealing to you or that you don’t need training on this, then you absolutely DO need this.

It’s what keeps you motivated, inspired, and comfortable.

It’s easy to go into a panic or become quickly frustrated when things aren’t working or it feels like you aren’t making progress, this training will teach you how to manage that.

It will eliminate all of the “I can’t” thoughts that you may have.

“I can’t start a business because (insert reason you believe you can’t)” and turn those into “I CAN do this because… I just need to figure out HOW.”

A shift like this is what separates failing entrepreneurs from successful entrepreneurs. Being able to fail forward is an important part of running a successful business and this training would be incomplete without it.

This is another area where you can spend HOURS teaching different methods that work, but again, Dave condensed it down into an extremely engaging 35-40 minute segment that delivers what you need.

Day 5 – Creating Your Business Plan

Day 5 of Learn Launch Lead Challenge by Legendary Marketer

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Dave has created a simple business plan template that you will learn how to use. You will be creating a unique plan to launch your business during this day of the training.

This is unlike any other business plan template that other coaches and course creators provide, it is heavily focused on the marketing strategy. The marketing strategy is arguably the most important part of starting a business, so Dave teaches it to you in detail.

This is one component that existed in the recently archived 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge, and it’s been brought back in the 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge because it works so well for Legendary Marketer’s students.

The business plan is also very heavily used and referenced throughout the lifetime of your business. It will essentially become your roadmap, so if you chose to ignore this portion and complete everything else in the course, you will likely struggle much more to grow your business than you would have otherwise.

All in all, by the time you complete these 5 days, you can be someone who knew absolutely nothing about starting a business, how online businesses work, marketing, sales, creating products, creating funnels or websites, creating content on social media, and by the end of the course, you will have a fully written business plan that can be implemented immediately to launch your business.

Throughout the training, you will also be presented with opportunities to meet with a member of Dave’s team to ask questions, gain more clarity, or get any other type of assistance completely for free. This takes place as a one-on-one Zoom meeting, but it’s optional and you never have to meet with anybody if you choose.

What Do You Do After Finishing The 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge?

Screenshot of first video in Learn Launch Lead Challenge by Legendary Marketer

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It’s no secret that Legendary Marketer is a world class education company in the Business and Marketing niche, so naturally, they have options available so you can further your education if that is something you want to do.

During the course, Dave will reference some of these other training courses that are available. You’ll even be given the opportunity to upgrade your education into one of Legendary Marketer’s bundles at a major discount for completing the 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge.

But if furthering your education doesn’t feel like the needed next step, then the next thing to do is to actually LAUNCH your business!

This course will give you what you need to launch comfortably and provides the resources required to get everything assembled and functioning.

Use the information you’ve learned to decide on which of the 4 business models you want to start with, dial in your business plan, begin implementing one of the marketing strategies you learned, and most importantly, STICK WITH IT!

My Take On The 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge

Image of Ryan Halbert with CEO of Legendary Marketer David Sharpe

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been a customer of Legendary Marketer since early 2021. I was first introduced through their 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge, which has since been archived, and after completing that training, I went on to purchase every other product that Legendary Marketer has ever offered.

You can read all about my full journey with online business since before it began here.

I’ve attended many of their live and virtual events both as a guest and as a customer. I have also purchased many other courses and trainings in the Business and Marketing space during this time frame.

When looking at the 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge specifically, my opinion is that it is a thorough and robust training course that does an excellent job of giving you all of the foundational information you need to actually get launched.

I do feel as though this one does NOT leave you with questions left unanswered and you can launch your business with what the training provides to you, even if you are a complete beginner. I do not feel the same about other courses I’ve taken at this price point.

Another major difference between The 5 Day Challenge and other comparable training programs is the heavy focus on compliance. No online business models or opportunities are get-rich-quick overnight opportunities, and this one is no different.

During the training videos, Dave will put a lot of emphasis on having realistic goals and expectations, which include NOT planning on getting your first sale tomorrow or becoming a millionaire in your first year.

A lot of other trainings I’ve completed have a disclaimer in the footer that states they cannot guarantee results, but imply something different in their marketing and training material.

In the 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge, you will not find any hype-y claims or outrageous testimonials from their top students, even though there are plenty of cases that can be put on display. This is a level of integrity that I haven’t yet seen in my experience in the online marketing industry up to this point.

You won’t be finding any income claims or “dream selling” during this course, or from the marketers promoting it. If there ARE people making claims of income while marketing the course, Legendary Marketer’s team is very quick to address it, and remove it.

This is one of the reasons Legendary Marketer is so easy to trust.

In my opinion, the focus of the training, David Sharpe, and his entire team backing him, is entirely on the customer and their learning experience through the products that the company offers.

Ultimately, if you are looking to start an online business or amp up your marketing strategy for your existing business, and you have no idea where to begin or have been underwhelmed by other training courses in the past, I highly recommend you take a stab at the 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge.

What Is The Difference Between The 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge and The 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge?

What is the difference between the 5 day challenge and the 15 day challenge?

(Images Sourced From https://legendarymarketer.com)

For starters, the 15 Day Challenge is 10 days longer than the 5 Day Challenge. The 15 Day Challenge contained more topics of information, but covered them more generally.

The information was still great, but only a few things were covered in deep detail.

The 15 Day Challenge has also become outdated. Since its creation was prior to 2020, when Tiktok came onto the scene and short form video content took over social media, there was no training inside that covered organic short form content marketing specifically except for one training video that was added later on.

Short form video marketing on platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube have become the primary marketing strategy for many companies and entrepreneurs, adding this to the existing product would have required a complete reboot.

The 5 Day Learn, Launch, Lead Challenge has become that reboot.

While the foundations of marketing were still applicable, Legendary Marketer identified that their students needed a more direct and specific approach to their learning experience, as opposed to just learning generalized marketing skills that applied to any format and applying it how they saw fit.

It was also apparent that a lot of the information in the 15 Day Challenge could be condensed into a much shorter, but still effective structure.

Instead of spending multiple days to cover many things, like the Core 4 business models, building a sales funnel, and how to automate it, Dave Sharpe was able to cover all of those things on the first day of the training. Effectively reducing the course by a full 3 days in the process with just those topics alone.

The last major difference and improvement between the two, is the lack of “filler” or “fluff.”

While I personally felt like all of the information shared in both courses was very valuable, a common response from some students, when asked about the training, was that some things were explained too extensively.

In the 5 Day Challenge, Dave covered all topics with enough detail for anyone to understand it well and then moved on to the next. In my opinion, this makes for a better flow and allows me to consume more information much faster. It even alleviates some confusion from over-explanation.

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